Saturday, June 29, 2024

Aksharamanamalai - Verse 1

Paraphrase: Arunachala! You will tear out by the roots the egos of those devotees who consider themselves to be not different from yourself, thinking in their minds ‘I am Arunachala.’

Saturday, May 18, 2024

Teachings of Self Realization: Sri Ramana Maharshi

Q: It is said that there is enlightenment and there is "ignorance." You are said to know about enlightenment. How is one to go from ignorance to enlightenment?

Bhagavan: We have to contend with our age-long conditionings. They will all go. 
We have simply to throw out all the age-long concepts, which are in us. 

Knowledge of "multiplicity" is ignorance. We have regarded as real what is unreal. We have to give up this attitude. That's all that is required for us to attain true knowledge (enlightenment]. 

"Differences" are a consequence of delusion. All knowledge based on differentiation is only ignorance. Perceiving objects as apart from oneself, the ignorant one is deluded. An ignorant person thinks that an individual "I" exists. 

To whom does illusion come? To the mind, or ego, who feels it is a separate entity: who thinks, "I do this"; or "this is mine." 

One suffers because of the idea that the body is "I". Misery is all due to this deluding connection. It is one's ignorant outlook that one should give up. 

It causes you needless grief.


Monday, May 13, 2024

Nirvana Shatakam

Verse 1

In the first verse is the negation of the subtle body and the subtle elements which form the subtle body.

mano-buddhyahaṅkāra-cittāni nāhaṁ
na ca śrotra-jihve na ca ghrāṇa-netre,
na ca vyoma-bhūmirna tejo na vāyuḥ
cidānanda-rūpaḥ śivo’haṁ śivo’ham. (1)

I am not the mind, intellect, ego or memory (the four aspects of what is known as antaḥkaraṇa). Nor am I (the five organs of perception) the ear, tongue, nose, eyes, (or skin), nor (the five elements) the space, earth, fire, air and water. 

I am pure Knowledge and Bliss, I am Śiva, auspiciousness itself.


Our inner instrument (antaḥkaraṇa) comprises of four aspects each having its own function. The mind that thinks or imagines, the intellect that discriminates and decides, the ego that calls itself the self, the doer and enjoyer, and the memory that recollects past experiences. 

The five senses are the ability to hear, feel, see, taste and smell. 

The sāttvika aspects of the five elements (space, air, fire, water and earth) in their subtle form are called the tanmātrās. They are the material cause that constitute the subtle body. 

The subtle body (sūkṣma śarīra) along with its constituent elements is here negated as not being the true Self. 

Obviously the true Self (ātmā) being the illuminator, or the enlivener of everything else including the subtle body, cannot be those illumined objects. Then, what is the true Self, the real I? 

The affirmation comes from Bhagavān Śaṅkara, 

‘I am of the nature of pure Consciousness and Bliss Supreme – the one Reality behind everything – I am Śiva, the auspicious.’ 

When we constantly and sincerely start practising meditation, chanting the verses and reflecting on them in this way, the mind slowly acquires a certain calmness, purity and clarity and becomes capable of abiding in the Truth.

Friday, March 15, 2024

Nisargadatta Gita

 1. 1. The ‘I am’ came first; it is ever present, ever available. Refuse all thoughts except ‘I am’. Stay there.

This ‘I am’ is still there with you, ever present, ever available. It was and still is the first thought. Refuse all other thoughts and come back there and stay there. 

So try to understand and grasp this ‘beingness’ or ‘I amness’ that is inherent in you. 

The more precisely and clearly you do it the more rapid will be your progress.

Wednesday, November 22, 2023

What is reality

 "Everyone is aware of two things, namely himself, the seer, and the world which he sees; and he assumes that they are both real. But that alone is real which has a continuous existence. Judged by this test, the two, the seer and the spectacle, are both unreal: these two appear intermittently. They are apparent in the waking and dream state alone. In the state of deep sleep, they cease to appear. That is, they appear. That is, they appear when the mind is active, and disappear as soon as the mind ceases to function. Therefore, the two are but thoughts of the mind. 

There must be something from which the mind arises, and into which it subsides. That something must have a continuous, uninterrupted existence. That is, it must be the reality!

- Ramana Maharshi

Thursday, November 16, 2023

DeMello: Being a Changed Person

In your pursuit of awareness, don't make demands.

You can't imitate Christ by imitating his external behaviour. You've got to be Christ. Then you'll know exactly what to do in a particular situation, given your temperament, your character, and the character and temperament of the person you're dealing with. No one has to tell you. But to do that, you must be what Christ was. An external imitation will get you nowhere.

If you think that compassion implies softness, there's no way I can describe compassion to you, absolutely no way, because compassion can be very hard. Compassion can be very rude, compassion can jolt you, compassion can roll up its sleeves and operate on you. Compassion is all kinds of things. Compassion can be very soft, but there's no way of knowing that. 

It's only when you become love -- in other words, when you have dropped your illusions and attachments -- that you will "know." 

As you identify less and less with the "me," you will be more at ease with everybody and with everything. Do you know why? Because you are no longer afraid of being hurt or not liked. You no longer desire to impress anyone.

Nobody was mean to you. Somebody was mean to what he or she thought was you, but not to you. Nobody ever rejects you; they're only rejecting what they think you are. But that cuts both ways. Nobody ever accepts you either. Until people come awake, they are simply accepting or rejecting their image of you. They've fashioned an image of you, and they're rejecting or accepting that. See how devastating it is to go deeply into that. It's a bit too liberating. But how easy it is to love people when you understand this. How easy it is to love everyone when you don't identify with what they imagine you are or they are. It becomes easy to love them, to love everybody. 

One can not say anything about the awakened state; one can only talk about the sleeping state. One hints at the awakened state. One cannot say anything about happiness. Happiness cannot be defined. What can be defined is misery. Drop unhappiness and you will know. Love cannot be defined; unlove can. Drop unlove, drop fear, and you will know. We want to find out what the awakened person is like. But you'll know only when you get there. 

Am I implying, for example, that we shouldn't make demands on our children? What I said was: "You don't have a right to make any demands." Sooner or later that child is going to have to get rid of you, in keeping with the injunction of the Lord. And you're going to have no rights over him at all. In fact, he really isn't your child and he never was. He belongs to life, not to you. No one belongs to you. What you're talking about is a child's education.

When I talk about not having expectations of others, or not making demands on them, I mean expectations and demands for my well-being.

Sunday, November 5, 2023

DeMello: The Most Important Minutes in Your Life

You're a success in life when you wake up! Then you don't have to apologise to anyone, you don't have to explain anything to anyone, you don't give a damn what anybody thinks about you or what anybody says about you. You have no worries; you're happy. That's what I call being a success. 

You could be a plumber or a lawyer or a business man or a priest, but that does not affect the essential "I." It doesn't affect you. If I change my profession tomorrow, it's just like changing my clothes. I am untouched. Are you your clothes? Are you your name? Are you your profession? Stop identifying with them. They come and go. 

Do you want to be happy? Uninterrupted happiness is uncaused. True happiness is uncaused. You cannot make me happy. You are not my happiness. 

You say to the awakened person, "Why are you happy?" and the awakened person replies, "Why not?" 

Happiness is our natural state. Happiness is the natural state of little children, to whom the kingdom belongs until they have been polluted and contaminated by the stupidity of society and culture. 
To acquire happiness you don't have to do anything, because happiness cannot be acquired. 

Does anybody know why? Because we have it already. How can you acquire what you already have? 

Then why don't you experience it? Because you've got to drop something. You've got to drop illusions. You don't have to add anything in order to be happy; you've got to drop something. Life is easy, life is delightful. It's only hard on your illusions, your ambitions, your greed, your cravings. 

Do you know where these things come from? From having identified with all kinds of labels!