Atma Vidya Vilasam

4. The Supreme Self shines, pure, enlightented and devoid of all modications; It is unique, eternal and free from passion; It is an indivisible whole, untouched by maya and free from the gunas (the threefold qualities, sattva, rajas and tamas).

7. The wise man, having cast off his natural propensities born of prakrti, having realized his real nature as sat, cit and ananda, rejoices having attained to dignity by a mere side-glance of the great teacher.

12. He wanders about with his desires crushed and with his pride, self-esteem and envy discarded, realizing in his mind that this universe in its entirety is unsubstantial and of the nature of maya alone.

13. The yogi, free of (all) burdens, rejoices in the bliss within, knowing for certain that, in reality, there is no trace of maya or any of it's effects in the pure Self.

14. He sports like a child without any idea of `I' or `mine', immersed in the ocean of pure happiness, (innocently) delighted at the various actions of (worldly) men.

16. Firmly established in peace, the happy one rests on the beautiful bed of his own ananda, serene and unruffled by all other sensations.

17. The king of samnyas-s supremely shines in his own kingdom, in the majesty of his own blissful Self, having uprooted his enemies - the sense pleasures - and with complete non-attachment as his own nature.

18. Even if the sun becomes cool, even if the moon scorches, even if fire burns downward, the jivanmukta knows it to be the work of maya and does not wonder at that.

22. Wherever he may be, the wise one, unblemished by sin and untouched by thoughts and delusions, having discarded even ordained actions, stands secure in the region of perfection.

40. Being the vast reality that remains after dissolving the world entirely (with right knowledge), he eats the handful of food which comes to him by prarabdha karma.

41. The yogi does not censure anything; nor does he really rejoice in anything. With a perfectly cool heart, he remains as a mass of over owing bliss.

42. The yogi remains in a state of plenitude, like an unruffled lamp, having cast aside all scriptural argumentation and having completely rejected (even) ordained duties.

44. The yogi sees nothing, nor does he speak; he does not hear any word that is spoken; he remains immersed steadfast in the incomparable abode, unmoving like a log of wood

45. The great samnyas, who knows the truth of all the vedas, wanders like an ignorant fool, unnoticed, devoid of any sense of dierence, seeing only perfection everywhere and in all creatures.

50. The sage rejects nothing, considering it bad; nor does he accept anything, considering it good. Knowing that everything is the creation of avidya, he remains unattached to everything.

51. He does not think at all of what is past, nor does he care in his mind about the future. He does not even see what is in front of him, for he sees (only) the blissful essence of everything.

52. The best of samnyas-s, having subdued all his sense organs and having wiped out all traces of attachment to sense objects, roams about having attained incomparable contentment.

53. The king of samnyas-s rests alone, established in the Self and enjoying inner bliss; he rejects nothing that comes to him and never desires what does not come to him.

54.  Alone, the mendicant disports himself as he pleases, free from (all) bondage, having reached the stage of perfection, which is pure and limitless knowledge and bliss.

57. The great renunciate transcends the rules of varna and asrama, discarding all injunctions and prohibitions; he remains merely as the infinite bliss of pure Knowledge.

58. Enjoying the fruits of prarabdha karma, the wise man destroys all karma-s and having dropped (all) the bonds which bind him to a body, he becomes verily the (absolute) Brahman.

60. The ultimate Truth, deathless, unaging and unborn, extremely subtle, without any cause and devoid of all distress, exists as pure Knowledge.

62. Devoid of taste, smell and form, free of sattva, rajas and tamas, the incomparable and fearless Brahman shines forever.

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