Friday, May 15, 2020

Where is the Divine World?

“So you want to go to the Divine World?” asked He. 

“That is what I am trying to obtain; that is what the Scriptures prescribe,” I answered. 

“But where are you now?” the Master asked. 

I replied, “I am in Your presence.” 

“Poor thing! You are here and now in the Divine World, and you want to obtain it elsewhere! Know that to be the Divine World where one is firmly established in the Divine. Such a one is full (purna); he encompasses and transcends all that is manifest. He is the substratum of the screen on which the whole manifestation runs like the picture film. Whether moving pictures run or not, the screen is always there and is never affected by the action of the pictures. You are here and now in the Divine World. You are like a thirsty man wanting to drink, while he is all the time standing neck-deep in the Ganga. Give up all efforts and surrender. Let the ‘I’, that wants the Divine World die, and the Divine in you will be realised here and now. For, it is already in you as the Self, not different from the Divine (Brahman), nameless and formless. It is already in you, and how are you to obtain that which ever remains obtained? The Self (atman) in you is surely not different from US?” Thus spoke Bhagavan. 

“So, then, Bhagavan says that He is the Self (kutastha) in this, the field of this soul (jiva), that This is already established in Bhagavan as such, so this soul need do nothing but give up the sense of being a separate soul?” I asked, prostrating before Bhagavan. 

“Yes, yes,” He replied. “That is what one must do to drop the ego-sense. If that is done the Self will be experienced as ‘I-I’ here and now and at all times. There will be no going into the Divine World or coming out of it. You will be as you really are. 

This is the practice (sadhana) and this is perfection (siddhi) too.” This teaching of Sri Bhagavan, Himself being the Divine World, is recorded for the benefit of all who are ever in Him.

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