Sunday, October 27, 2019

Six principles of Meditation

The golden rule of meditation is: you cannot not think about something by thinking about it. It’s impossible to avoid thinking about anything by telling yourself that you are not going to think about it. 

If you follow the golden rule of meditation, following the below mentioned six principles will become much easier.

  • No Recollection: Don't Pursue Thoughts of the Past
  • No Calculation: Don't Pursue Thoughts of the Present
  • No Imagination: Don't Imagine what May Happen in the Future
  • No Examination: Don't Analyze Your Thoughts
  • No Construction: Don't Try to Create an Experience
  • No Digression: Don't Wander; Simply Stay in the Present Moment

In a nutshell: while meditating, don’t brood over, don’t resent and don’t repent your past. Don’t examine what’s going on in your present life. Don’t imagine any future. Don’t analyze any thought. When a thought comes, don’t run after it. It’ll disappear. It’ll wither away on its own. Don’t crave for any specific experience or else you’ll end up mentally constructing that experience, thereby jeopardizing your meditation. Don’t let your mind wander. Simply maintain your awareness with alertness. Just be here now, in the present moment and you’ll see the beauty of meditation soon enough.

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