Thursday, April 1, 2021

WHM Meditation

When you do the conscious breathing protocol, you are already doing a form of meditation, training your mind and connecting with your innermost depths. The principle of meditation is to follow something that does not excite the thinking brain. 

We take something very simple and follow it until deep peace comes over us. 

Here is one way to get acquainted with this peace. 

1.  Sit down in a safe, comfortable place and clear your mind. 

2.  Start connecting to your breath. Let yourself breathe naturally. 

3.  Start counting your breaths. Each inhale and exhale is one count. Count your breaths up to seven, and then from seven back to one. 

If you find yourself suddenly thinking about your daily life and your to-do list, return to counting the breaths. You will eventually find yourself able to just count the breaths, up to seven and back down again. The blood flow will go into the deeper areas of your brain, awakening feeling, not thoughts. Let the feeling become stronger. Follow the feeling and go as deep as you want. As you go along, the counting will fade away, like a song fading out. Follow the feeling and go deep into yourself, deep into peace.

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