Saturday, March 27, 2010

Chapter 1
How to attain Knowledge (Jnana)?

5. Virtue and vice, pleasure and pain, are of the mind, not you, O All pervading One. You are neither doer nor enjoyer. Verily you are ever free.

9. That (Consciousness) in which the universe appears, being conceived like a snake in a rope, is Bliss - Supreme Bliss. You are that Consciousness. Be happy.

10. One who considers oneself free is free indeed and one who considers oneself bound remains bound. "As one thinks, so one becomes," is a popular saying in this world, which is true

11. The Self is the witness and all-pervading perfect, one, free, intelligence, actionless, unattached, desireless and quiet. Through illusion it appears of the world.

13. My child, you have long been trapped by body consciousness. Sever the trap with the sword of the knowledge "I am Intelligence" and be happy.

17. Know that which has form to be unreal and the formless to be permanent. Through this spiritual instruction y ou will escape the possibility of rebirth.

19. As the same all pervading ether is inside and outside the jar, even so the eternal all pervasive Brahman exists in all things.

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