Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Angad decides to fast until death

Unable to find Sita, the monkey troop led by Angad becomes very dejected. Angad is convinced that Sugriva will take them to task if he reports failure. They are caught between the devil and the deep sea, Sugreeva and Indian Ocean, and resort to lay their lives by fasting unto death

Angad makes his conviction clear that his future in Kishkinta is bleak with Sugriva at the helm. Even though he was anointed the crown-prince, he still is suspicious of Sugriva


"We were sent out scheduling time calculating from the month of aashviiyuja nearly October. Even that time fixed for us has also lapsed. Thereby, what is to be done next? [4-53-9]

"As of now our mission is incomplete hence we are scheduled to die, and there is no doubt about it. Who can be complacent by keeping the directive of monkey's king incomplete? [4-53-12]

"But in this matter of course, as the time set by Sugreeva is lapsed, it is appropriate for all of us forest dwelling monkeys to voluntarily undertake fasting unto death. [4-53-13]

"Instinctively Sugreeva is a tormentor and now he is institutionalised in lordship, thus he will not condone any of us as we will be as good as transgressors if we were to return. [4-53-14]

"Sugreeva commits sin alone in our respect by killing all of us as we failed in the facts about Seetha, therefore it is pertinent to enter upon fasting unto, leaving off our sons, wives, riches and houses and homes, too. [4-53-15, 16a]

"That king Sugreeva definitely and freakishly tortures all of us on our going back futilely, hence suicide at this place is justifiable for all us. [4-53-16b, c]

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