Friday, August 26, 2016

Bhagavan on mind

Someone once asked Bhagavan about the rupa [form] and arupa [formless] mind.

Bhagavan: Pure mind has the name manakasa [space mind or empty mind]. Immediately on waking from sleep a clarity of awareness [jnapti] arises, without exception, in all people. That is the formless mind. Thoughts such as, 'I am the body,' 'This is the world,' arise after that. This is the mind with form. In a cinema show the light appears first. The forms appear on the screen only after that. Likewise, the light of the Self comes first and provides the space for everything that follows. 

Q: What method should I use to make my mind steady and firm?

Bhagavan: It is sufficient to think always of one thing. If the mind does not obey, again start thinking of only one thing. In the course of time the mind will obey your orders.

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