Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Bhagavan on Greatness

[When Ganapathi Muni and Chinnaswami were arguing as to who is the greatest disciple, they came to Bhagavan for arbitration]

Bhagavan gave them a gentle reminder about the necessity of humility on the spiritual path.

Whatever effort is made by whichever person, that which is the reality will always remain. No one, however great, can give another person either moksha or bandha [bondage or liberation]

It is natural for a person to think that he should be well-known to the people of the world and be praised by them. But if this thought is present one cannot attain true greatness or happiness. God is not interested in those who promote their own claims to greatness. One who is not satisfactory to God is an inferior person, not a great one. If anyone dedicates both his mind and his body to God in every possible way, God will make him be famous and praised by people all over the world.

Bhagavan then supported his remarks by quoting a verse from Vairagya Satakam,

O mind, you are thinking how to make the people of the world regard you as great. The ever existing God alone is the one who bestows bondage and liberation. What is the use of others knowing your greatness? O mind, perform the rare tapas of surrendering to the holy golden feet of God. Then God will make you so great that the world will know your greatness and praise you. Know thus.

Those who suppress the though 'I am great' by not paying any attention to it, the Vedas will say that they are great.  Those who say 'I am great' are small people. Say, other than them, who will undergo misery in this world?

- Sivabhoga Saram, verse 96

[This incident is mentioned in Talk no: 544]

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