Sunday, October 27, 2019

Objects to Meditate On: Meditation on Formless

If you wish to meditate on the formless, there are two ways to do so.

Here’s how to do it correctly: 

  • Assume your yogic posture. 
  • Deep breathe a few times to normalise your energies. 
  • Simply close your eyes and remain thought free. That’s it.

Please note that being thought free is not the same as observing your thoughts. You must not observe or watch your thoughts while meditating on the formless. Instead, it is a practice where mind is directly looking at itself. Meditation on the formless is the hardest to do without guidance because there are a few subtle points which can only be demonstrated and not documented. A master is a must if you wish to champion this form.

The other form of meditation on the formless is called expansive meditation. In this you experience yourself merging in the supreme consciousness.

Here’s how to do it right: 

  • As always, sit comfortably in the yogic posture.
  • Deep breathe a few times. 
  • Visualise a bright, effulgent light or a dark infinite universe. This is the expansive aspect in this meditation. 
  • Gradually visualize that your body is disintegrating and merging in the vast, expansive, infinite universe.

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