Sunday, October 27, 2019

Seven Yogic Practices - Shravana - Listening

The Sanskrit term is sravana. It means to listen. The practice of listening is a simple and powerful way to build your concentration. The one who practices the art of listening undergoes a rapid transformation in their ability to remain concentrated. 

Listening requires that you be alert and attentive in the present moment.

A man approached Buddha once and said, “I want to become wise. Please tell me how do I operate better in the world? What do I do to not mess my relationships?” 

Buddha spoke, “It is very simple. You only have to be mindful of two things – listen attentively to others when they are talking and even more attentively to yourself when you are talking.”

How to Do It Right 

  • Put on your favorite song, at home, while driving, jogging, anywhere. 
  • Promise yourself that you’ll pay full attention to the song. 
  • Listen to the song with complete mindfulness and alertness. 

This is the art of active listening. This is the practice in a nutshell.

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