Friday, August 26, 2016

A devotee asked Bhagavan, 'Why does a jnani appear to bestow his grace on some people and show anger to others? Why does the jnani not correct all those who come to him? What is it that jnanis work for?'

Bhagavan answered: 'The maturity and past karma of each sadhaka is different. Because of this janis must speak in different ways to different people'

The he quoted five verses from Kaivalyla Navanitam:

2.60 Disciple: 'O Master, who are bliss incarnate, how is it that God, who is impartial, advances a few and degrades others?'

Master: 'He is like the father who encourages his sons who are on the right path and who frowns on the other sons who are going in the wrong direction. Know that it is very merciful to punish the erring and turn them towards righteousness'

2.61: O son, whose fetters of worldly life are broken! The celestial wish-fulfilling tree, fire, and water protect those who seek them by fulfilling their desires, keeping them warm and quenching their thirst, So also Iswara is kind to his devotees and not so to others. Now think well and judge whose fault it is.'

2.50: Master: 'My son, the jivas are unlimited, and their actions are also similarly unlimited. In three sections [karma, upasana and jnana] the beneficent Vedas prescribe according to the aptitudes of seekers, with preliminary views succeeded by final conclusions, as flowers by fruits'

2.59: Those fools head for disaster who, in their ignorance, attribute to God the six evils [lust, anger, greed, delusion, conceit and jealously], which are of their own making, but the wise will gain untainted deliverance by recognising that the same evils are of their own making and not God's.

2.35: 'My good boy, hear me further. The activities of the sage are solely for the uplift of the world. He does not stand to lose or gain anything. The Almighty, who is the only store of grace for the world, is not affected by the merits or demerits of the beings in the world'

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