Friday, August 26, 2016

Avoid sleep during meditation.

AS: What must I do to avoid sleep during my mediation?

Bhagavan: Meditators must not work too much, nor should they fill their stomachs with excessive food. The more one fills the stomach, the lower one's mental state becomes. If the stomach is mostly empty, one will go higher spiritually. One should not tighten the strings of Vina either to much or too little. The body must be kept like that.

Likewise with sleep. One third of the night has been allowed for sleep. That is, one must go to bed at 10 PM and wake up at 2 AM. One should not sleep during the day time. There is another system also. One should get up whenever one wakes up and one should sleep whenever sleep comes. But one should not think, "I slept" or "I woke up"

Then he quoted verse 33 of Devikalottara.

The mind often strays into reveries or falls asleep. Be vigilant and turn it into its pristine state again and again.

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