Monday, August 22, 2016

Rama issues a veiled threat to Sugriva.

Rama increasingly grows restless as time passes by without any indication of Sugriva launching the search of Sita on his own accord. 

After 4 months elapses, Rama becomes furious and asks Lakshmana to remind Sugriva of his duties and threaten him.

He spoke thus to Lakshmana, 

"Just like how i killed Vaali, let not the same fate befall on Sugriva. I killed only Vaali on that day. But today, i will end up killing Sugriva along with his kith and kin. Let Sugriva not get to meet Vaali in heaven"

Again, it's surprising that Rama speaks these words but later he mellows down and advises Lakshmana to talk placatingly and convey the message suitably.


"He computed the time for search of Seetha well, and entered into a treaty with me as well, but on achieving his means that base-minded one is unmindful of it. [4-30-69]

" 'He who promises the requesters that have come under his shelter, and especially those that have cooperated earlier, but breaks that promise, and even shatters their hope, he is the worst fellow in the world. [4-30-71]

" 'Whether it is good or bad, he who promises a word, and truthfully takes action for its accomplishment, indeed he is the champion and a best one among men. [4-30-72]

" 'Indeed, those that have achieved their means through their friends, but do not come to the rescue of the same friends whose means are still unachieved, the carrion-devourers will not devour even the flesh of those ingrates after their death. [4-30-73]

" 'You definitely aspire to see that facet of the gold-spined bow of mine which in simile will be like a cluster of electric-discharges when I fully stretch it in war. [4-30-74]

"But, oh, prince Lakshmana, Sugreeva is fully aware of my valour... be that as it may... oh, brave one, I am not alarmed as I have you as my associate. [4-30-76]

"But on promising to get back after rainy season that king of vanara-s is insensible to the slipping away of those four months time of rainy season, for he is wallowing in his pleasures. [4-30-78]

"Oh, great-mighty Lakshmana, you may proceed to Kishkindha and let Sugreeva know through you as to how my fury takes shape, and oh, brave one, he may be told this word also. [4-30-80]

" 'Oh, Sugreeva, abide by your commitment. The path by which slain Vali has gone is not tapered off, as such do not tread Vali's path. [4-30-81]

" 'In a clash Vali is slain singly with my arrow, but I wish to slay you along with your kith and kin since you have transgressed truthfulness. [4-30-82]

" 'Oh, king of monkeys, on apperceiving the perpetual virtuousness in what you have promised to me, render it as a reality. Otherwise, now driven by my arrows to death, and on going to Yama, the Time-god's Inferno, you will see Vali " Thus Rama appraised Lakshmana about his thinking of Sugreeva. [4-30-84]

"Unbearable is this anger that is tiding quickly, now I shall kill that unfaithful Sugreeva and the best braving monkeys shall search for that princess Seetha, remaining under the command of Vali's son, Angada." Thus said Lakshmana to Rama. [4-31-4]

"Lakshmana, as person with righteous conduct you are not supposed to understand this matter in this way, or undertake in this way, but you are supposed to adhere to those aspects of friendliness with Sugreeva and the affinity earlier existed in dealing with him. [4-31-7]

"It will be apt of you to speak to that reneger Sugreeva with placating words rather than with caustic remarks, as his sin is no more than flouting the timeframe." Thus Rama said to Lakshmana. [4-31-8]

That brave one and the slayer of braving enemies Lakshmana thus schooled expediently by his elder brother about the means of gainfulness, that best one among men proceeded to enter the city of Kishkindha. [4-31-9]

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