Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Bhagavan on Namaskaram.

When Bhagavan was going for a walk along the foot of the hill, an ashram worker saw him, stopped his work, and prostrated full length on the ground. 

Bhagavan told him, 'If you do your duty properly, that itself is a great namaskaram. If everyone did his own appointed duty [swadharma], without swerving from it, it would be easy to reach the Self'

A devotee once approached Bhagavan and asked him if he could prostrate to him and touch his feet.

Bhagavan replied: 'The real feet of Bhagavan exist only in the heart of the devotee. To hold onto these feet incessantly is true happiness. You will be disappointed if you hold onto my physical feet because one day this physical body will disappear. The greatest worship is worshipping the Guru's feet that are within oneself'

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