Monday, August 22, 2016

Sita hurling invectives at Lakshmana

On hearing Mareecha howl in a pitiable voice calling out for Lakshmana and Sita, Sita becomes convinced that Rama is under trouble and urges Lakshmana to go for help.

Lakshmana remains calm and unmoved. Seeing this Sita gets angry and pleads with him to go in search of Rama. Lakshmana consoles her saying that none in the world can cause harm to Rama and this is most likely tricks by Asuras and hence no need to worry. 

Further he was reluctant because he had received a command from Rama to guard Sita and not leave her.

Sita becomes infuriated and says, 
You merciless and shameful being, you seem to rejoicing at the plight of your brother. Here your brother is in trouble and you seem to be utterly calm without a slight hint of worry. I'll not be surprised if you have evil intentions in your mind. Looks like you have followed us all the way from Ayodhya in order to lure me away from Rama. Or have you and Bharatha plotted something to bring our downfall?
Whatever be the case, i'm sure it's not going to succeed. I'll surely die without Rama. So your evil intentions will not be fulfilled. 

These words totally destroyed Lakshmana, he said,

It feels like molten iron is poured in my ears. It's pretty clear to me that something nasty is going to happen. I see bad omen and i doubt if i'll see you on returning back with Rama.

Saying this Lakshmana went in search of Rama.


Surprising to see such vitriol in Sita's words. I guess there was no other way to prise out Lakshmana from that place except with these harsh words. No one in their sane minds will even cast an iota of doubt on the exceptional Lakshmana. 


"He might have come under the subjugation of demons as with a bull coming under the seize of lions, hence, you hurry up so as to near such a brother of yours who is seeking protection." So said Seetha toi Lakshmana. [3-45-3b, 4a]
Although she spoke a lot to him in this way, Lakshmana on his part has not moved out remembering his brother's order to stay guard to Seetha, and hence that Janaki, the daughter of Janaka, who is already agitated for Rama further spoke to him in the paradox of his not going out of hermitage. [3-45-4b, 5a]
"Because of me you wish Rama to be completely destroyed, and only because of your cupidity for me you are not following up on Raghava. It is definite. [3-45-6b, 7a]
" 'Raghava in direst strait' is the most liked thing to you, thus I deem, as you have no heart for that brother, and as you complacently stay behind even when that great-resplendent Rama is unseen. [3-45-7b, 8a]
"After which helmsman you have come here that Rama is undergoing an uncertainty of life-and-death, as such I indeed wonder what business you have here now in staying with me at this hermitage?" Seetha spoke so to Lakshmana. [3-45-8, 9a]
"Oh, Vaidehi, your husband is an impossible one for vincibility by serpents, asura-s, gandharva-s, gods, fiends, demons, no doubt about it.
"Oh, auspicious one, unmarked is some combatant who can counterattack Rama from among gods, humans, gandharva-s, birds, ogres, kinnaraa-s, beasts, or oh, lady, even from horrendous demons, as Rama vies with Indra in any given war. [3-45-11b, 12, 13a]
"It is inapt of you to talk that way as Rama is inextirpable in a given war, and as for me, I do not venture to abandon you in this forest in the absence of Raghava. [3-45-13b, 14a]
"Evidently it is not the voice of Rama, nor that of any other god, but someone mimicked that voice for chicanery, and that must be the illusory voice of that demon Maareecha, similar in effect to the magical city of gandharva-s usually created by magicians in general. [3-45-15b, 16]
As for Seetha, she became furious on hearing Lakshmana's words of advice, and while her eyes are becoming bloodshot she spoke these rude sentences to that veracious Lakshmana. [3-45-20b, 21a]
"You are a debased one devoid of mercy, thus a dreadful one, and a degrader of your dynasty, and I deem that you derive pleasure from fatal hardship to Rama. [3-45-21b, 22a]
"You are haranguing all these sermons only on noticing hardship to Rama. It is unsurprising that the pitiless ones and rivals of your kind, who always behave in a cloak-and dagger way, will tend to commit deadly sins, Lakshmana, and it is not uncommon. [3-45-22b, 23]
"You are verily maleficent for you have singly and covertly followed Rama, who started to forests all alone, or instigated by Bharata, only because of me. [3-45-24]
"Whether this is an intrigue of yours or that of Bharata it is unachievable, Saumitri. How can I long for another commoner when I have put my faith only in the lotus-blue-complexioned and lotus-bright-eyed husband of mine, Rama? [3-45-25, 26a]
"If that comes to that, I will just discard my life in your presence, Soumitri do not mistake it. I do not eke out an existence on this earth even for a moment without Rama." Thus Seetha threatened Lakshmana. [3-45-26b, 27a]

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