Friday, August 26, 2016


Bhagavan often said that since there was no suffering in the Self, all suffering must inevitably be a product of the mind.

When I once asked him, "Is there no way to escape from worldly suffering?" he gave me a typical reply: 'The only remedy is to remain in the state of Self without losing awareness of it'

Question: How is it that so much suffering comes to people who behave virtuously?

Bhagavan: It is good if suffering comes to devotees. The dhobi, when washing clothes, beats them hard against a rock. But he does so only to remove the dirt from the clothes. Similarly, all the sufferings are given for the sole purpose of purifying the mind of the devotee. If we are patient, happiness will follow.

Question: When one person does good deeds, suffering comes to him. But another person who does many bad deeds may not suffer at all. Why is this?

Bhagavan: Everyone is getting happiness and suffering as a result of the karma which has been carried forward from previous births. Accepting both patiently and remaining in the Self, doing whatever actions one happens to be engaged in without seeking happiness or suffering in them, that alone is good.

The enquiry 'Who am I?' leads to the cessation of suffering and the acquisition of supreme bliss. 

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