Monday, August 22, 2016

Sugriva claims Tara! (Deceased Vaali's wife)

After Vaali's death, Sugriva claims Tara! 

This is very surprising as it happens just a few months after Vaali's death. Tara appears to have been under tremendous grief on hearing Vaali's demise and wanted to leave the world. 

Sugriva wasn't punished as this wasn't considered heinous according to Vanara dharma - where a vanar can marry deceased brother's wife with her consent.

(Vaali claimed Ruma when Sugriva was alive. This was considered sinful)


Exquisitely featured Tara went to the proximity of Lakshmana with a waddling gait, tipsily flustering eyes, rrivière-strings of golden cincture dangling, and with a sticklike gracile body humbly bent. [4-33-38]

On observing the wife of the king of monkeys, the great-souled son of the king of humans stood aside unemotionally, and because of the presence of females he backed down on his anger with his face cast down. [4-33-39]

"By the beneficence of Rama, oh, the enemy-scorcher Lakshmana, now Sugreeva is privileged with reputation, everlasting kingship of monkeys, more so with Ruma and me as well. [4-35-5]

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