Sunday, August 21, 2016

Rama asks Sumanthirar to ignore Dasaratha's command

When Rama's chariot speeds away from Ayodhya, Dasaratha comes out of the palace and commands the chariot to return. But Rama, keen to uphold his father's word, asks Sumanthirar to steer the chariot away to the forest and pretend as if he didn't hear Dasaratha's command. He further adds that if the kings asks about this later, you can say that you didn't hear him!


Dasaratha exclaimed saying "Stop!" while Rama called out "Go on, proceed!" (In that way) Sumantra's mind became confused, as in between two (opposing) whirl pools.

Rama said to him: "You can say to the king that you did not hear (his call), even when scolded (later). seeing their grief for a long time is quite unbearable."

The charioteer, doing as per Rama's words, took leave of those citizens and drive the horses more speedily even while they are going.

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