Saturday, August 27, 2016

Did God create the world in the beginning with as many differences as there are now? Or did these differences only come into being after some time?

Bhagavan: The answer to all these questions will shine forth of its own accord if you ask yourself, 'To whom did these questions occur?'

After knowing ourselves first, if we then look into the world created by God, we will understand the truth. To try to know God and the world without knowing oneself first is ignorance indeed. The opinions of a man who does not know himself are like those of a man suffering from jaundice who ells other people that the colour of everything is yellow. Who will agree with him?

A small seed contains a big banyan tree, but which came first, the tree or the seed? What can one say in answer to this question?

There is one real answer to such questions: 'If one knows oneself, there is no world'

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