Friday, August 26, 2016

Waking and dream states

Bhagavan once made the following remarks about the waking and dream states. 

'The world vision which appears in the waking state and the world vision which appears in the dream state are both the same. There is not even a trace of a difference. The dream state happens merely to prove the unreality of the world which we see in the waking state. This is one of the operations of God's grace'

'The world of the waking state changes in the same way as the world of the dream state. Both are equally insubstantial and equally unreal.'

'The world is always changing. It is not permanent. But we exist unchanged in all the three states of waking, dreaming and sleeping. Nobody can truthfully say, "I did not exist during these three states". Therefor we must conclude that this "I" is the permanent substance because everything else is in a state of perpetual flux. If you never forget this, this is liberation'.

'The world does not say that it was created in the collective mind or that it was created in the individual mind. It only appears in your small mind. If your mind gets destroyed, there will be no world'

'If we go beyond this waking dream and see only our real Self we will discover that there is no world and that there are no 'other people'. On the other hand, if we move away from the Self and see the world, we find that we are in bondage'

Bhagavan summarised these views a little later by saying, 'Every jiva is seeing a separate world but a jnani does not see anything other than himself. This is the state of truth'

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