Monday, August 22, 2016

Sugriva's coronation happens at Kishkinta

Hanuman proposes that the coronation of Sugreeva is to be performed under the aegis of Rama. Rama suggests Angada be crowned as crown prince and Sugriva anointed as the king of Kishkinta. 

Rama explains his inability to participate in his coronation as he cannot enter a village or a city. Neither did Lakshmana participate in the proceedings


"And if you empower, this Sugreeva will enter the propitious city Kishkindha along with a group good-hearted friends, and he will get anointed procedurally with various essences and herbal-extracts as its king, and thus he can revamp all the administration. [4-26-5b, 6]

"He would like to honour you in a remarkable way with garlands and precious gems, hence it will be apt of you to enter this delightful mountain cave, namely Kishkindha, and you may kindly consolidate the congenial affinity between the governor and the governed for the very high exhilaration of Vanara-s." Hanuma appealed Rama in this way. [4-26-7, 8a]

When Hanuma said so, Rama the destroyer of valiant foes, an intellectual and an enunciator replied Hanuma in this way. [4-26-8b, 9a]

"As a conformist to the directives of my father, oh, gentle Hanuma, I am not supposed to enter either a village or a city. [4-26-9b, 10a]

"As and when the best one among Vanara-s valorous Sugreeva enters the highly flourishing and statuesquely Kishkindha, he shall be enthroned in the kingdom, immediately and procedurally. [4-26-10b, 11a]

"You may even crown this brave Angada as crown prince, he is the eldest son of your elder brother, his bravery is kindred to that of his father, and thus this enthusiastic Angada will be a well-chosen designee for the crown-princeship. [4-26-12b, 13]

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