Sunday, August 21, 2016

Rama expresses his displeasure about Dasaratha and Kaikeyi

After reaching Chitrakoodam, Rama reflects on the turn of events and feels very dejected about his father's predicament. Looking at Dasaratha's state, he said 

People seem to be keen to pursue pleasures instead of following Dharma. Even a sane person will not do something like this to his obedient son to satisfy a lady. Those who relinquish Dharma and indulge in pleasures will face debacle like Dasaratha in the end.

Kaikeyi's sole purpose to enter Ayodhya seems to be to crown her son, send me to exile and end the life of Dasaratha!

I fear the position of my mother and her status as she wasn't treated well even when I was around
With my power, i can bring not only Ayodhya but the entire world under my command. But showing this kind of valour at this time is not my Dharma. My duty right now is to fulfil my father's words. 

Related Verses.

"Assuredly the emperor is sleeping badly tonight, while Kaikeyi, having realized her ambitions, ought to feel satisfied."

"Seeing Bharata returned, queen Kaikeyi, I am afraid, may not expel the lives of the emperor for the sake of kingdom."

"Aged and (therefore) helpless, deprived of my presence, what will he do, dominated as he is by his passion for Kaikeyi and who has fallen into the clutches of Kaikeyi."

"Reflecting on this misfortune of the king and his mental derangement, I deem that passion alone is greater than early gain and religious merit."

"what man however deluded, what father on account of a woman, at his own will and pleasure, abandon a son like myself?

"Alas, Kaikeyi's son Bharata (alone) is happy along with his wife. Like an overlord, he is going to enjoy the prosperous kingdom of Kosala."

"Father is superannuated. I am staying in the forest. Bharata will become the prime head for the entire kingdom."

"He who pursues sensuous pleasures neglecting his real interests and discipline soon comes to distress; in the same way as king Dasaratha has."

"It seems that Kaikeyi came into our house, oh good brother, to bring about an end to Dasaratha, to send me into exile and to secure kingship for Bharata."

"Blinded by pride of good fortune, Kaikeyi may even now persecute Kausalya and Sumitra because of their relationship with me."

"Queen Sumitra is likely to suffer hardship because of her affinity to us. From this very place, you proceed to Ayodhya next morning, oh, Lakshmana!"

"Enraged, I can subdue with my arrows single handed not only Ayodhya but also the earth. But it is not a question of valor here."

Rama during the night in that lonely forest, wailed piteously thus and in so many other ways and sat quiet, his face full of tears.


Surprising to see Rama talk like this about Dasaratha and Kaikeyi. Here is one instance he exhibited ordinary human tendency, but regained composure and followed Dharma.

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