Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Always be aware of the presence of the Self.

Q: Bhagavan has said" 'Always be aware of the presence of the Self.' Is this presence the feeling 'I am', which for me is now mixed with my personal 'I', or is it the real 'I'?

Bhagavan speaks of this 'I am' as something which is present here and now. It has nothing to do with the personal 'I'. In that 'I am' there is no past and no future. In Kaivalya Navanitam it is said:

"The jivanmukta who is established in this 'I am' is not bothered about the past which is already gone, and is also not bothered about the future which is uncertain. Whatever come to him in the present, he just enjoys that. Even if the sun is transformed into a moon or a dead body which had gone to the cremation ground comes back to life, still he will not see these things as miraculous."

The personal 'I' makes judgements about good and bad, right and wrong. It is perpetually enmeshed in dualities. The jivanmukta, who is only ever aware of himself as 'I am', has transcended all duality. He sees no right and wrong. He rains as t the witness of all happenings without judging them and without identifying with them in any way.

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