Saturday, September 24, 2016


Bhagavan then told us all:

“What is meant by pradakshina? 

Sankara has written:
Real pradakshina is the meditation that thousands of universes are revolving around the Great Lord, the unmoving centre of all forms.

“The same bhava (idea), was expressed in Tamil by the author of Ribhu Gita in greater detail.” So saying Bhagavan got that book, read it and told us the following:

“‘Oh Lord! I went all round the world to do pradakshina to you but you are in fullness everywhere. How then could I complete a round? I shall worship you as ‘kutastha akhila rupa’ (immovable entire form of the world). That is the only pradakshina to you’. Namaskar also means the same thing. The merging of the mind in the Self is namaskar and not the mere act of prostrating whenever you get up or sit down or whenever you go that side or come this side.”

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