Saturday, September 10, 2016

Spiritual experiences

Q: What is the reason for the spiritual experiences which some devotees seem to have? Are they to help us on the path, or to give us confidence? These experiences of inner light, inner sounds etc ., do we need them, or do they just happen because they are natural? Why do some people get these experiences and others not?

The experiences which come during meditation are the result of one's previous practices. It is not necessary to have such experiences.

We should see the one who sees all the experiences. Remember, whatever happens to you can be perceived only through the mind. Remember also that the perceptions of the mind are not real because the perceiver himself is not real. If we always enquire 'To whom is this experience happening?' the false perceiver and the fans experience will both subside. 

The saint Subramania Bharati once wrote: 'If you come to see with clarity that the world is only a projection of the mind, you will transcend all suffering'

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