Monday, September 19, 2016

Bhagavan's Mauna Diksha

Q: I have read a lot about Bhagavan's method of teaching through silence. You must have experienced it on many occasions. Can you explain how it operated?

If you enter a dark place with a lamp, light falls on everyone who is near you. You don't have to tell people, 'I have a light' because they will all be aware of its presence. In the presence of a jnani like Bhagavan the spiritual darkness of devotees is put to flight by the radiant light of jnana. In Bhagavan's case this light cleaned and calmed the minds of all who were near him. When mature devotees basked in this light they sometimes had an experience of the Self. The radiation of this spiritual powers was Bhagavan's mauna diksha [initiation through silence]. He radiated this power quite effortlessly. It was not done by an act of volition, it was a natural consequence of his realisation. Bhagavan didn't need to speak about the Self. He was the Self and he radiated its power all the time. Those who were receptive to this power needed no verbal explanations from Bhagavan. The spoken teachings were one for those who were not able to tune into his silent radiation.

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