Sunday, September 18, 2016

Bhagavan's form.

One must keep one's attention on the Self if one wants to make progress on the spiritual path. But since Bhagavan is also the Self, you can also make progress by thinking of him. It is good to feel love and devotion towards Bhagavan. The more we love him, the more his grace flows to us in return. 

When I used to look at Bhagavan's picture he seemed to be saying to me, 'I went beyond this body and established myself as consciousness. Now you try and do the same.'

Bhagavan is the Self. If you concentrate on his image he will call you towards him. He will try to pull you towards the real Self. 

Having love for Bhagavan and having love for one's own Self are the same. If we have devotion and love towards the form of Bhagavan and surrender to him, he will take us towards the reality.

One cannot see the Self, consciousness, because it is not an object that can be perceived. But we can keep our attention on the Self indirectly by having darshan of Bhagavan's form.

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