Thursday, September 29, 2016

If the mind is deeply engaged in meditation after doing whatever has to be done, it will return to meditation

Once an earnest seeker came, prostrated in all humility to Sri Bhagavan and asked Him:
"Bhagavan said that the real nature of the Self can be attained only by constant dhyana. But how is it possible for one like me saddled with official responsibilities and the management of household affairs? If a major part of one's life is spent managing these, where is the time for Atma Vichara, much less uninterrupted dhyana? What is the way out? I beseech Bhagavan to enlighten me on this."
Looking at him compassionately, Sri Bhagavan said:
"Suppose you leave your house with the intention of coming to the Asramam and on the way you meet a friend. You greet him, exchange pleasantries and then take leave of him, proceeding to the Asramam while your friend goes his way. Now you don't go away with your friend but rather continue toward the Asramam, do you not? The thought of coming to the Asramam is so fixed in your mind that whomsoever you happen to meet on the way, is spoken to in the proper way, and parted with in order that you may fulfill your original intention. Likewise if the mind is deeply engaged in meditation after doing whatever has to be done, the mind will return to to meditation. By engaging the mind before starting work and after finishing it, even while working, it will automatically acquire the ability to do the necessary while inhering in its natural state. In the course of time, this becomes in built, habitual and natural, and one no longer feels the lack of being engaged in constant meditation."
Another time, in the Jubilee Hall, a Telugu devotee came to Bhagavan and complained about the pallavi of Atma Vidya where there is mention of release being easy.
"O Bhagavan, how can someone such as I get release? Release may be easy for one like you but how is it possible for an ordinary person like me?"
Bhagavan said: "If it is easy for me how can it be difficult for you?"
Bhagavan said, "If you were to have to carry something too heavy for you to pick up, what would you do?"
"I would seek the help of others," the devotee responded.
"In the same way, seek the help of the Divine or simply surrender to Him," Bhagavan said.
"That is one thing that is just impossible for me. Today, I will say I have surrendered but the next day my ego will rise up and dance with abandon."
Bhagavan replied: "In that case, do one thing, pray to Him to help you surrender. If you cannot do even that, then simply suffer what comes your way!

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