Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Real Satsang

Q: We are able to have satsang here. It is very nice, very sweet. When we leave here, how can we get such satsang?

If it is not your destiny to stay with a jnani you can always try to establish contact with the formless Self. This is the real satsang. You say that it is your prarabdha to live in a big city. Prarabdha only pertains to the activities of the body. No prarabdha can prevent you from turning inwards and putting your attention on the Self. This is a freedom which every human being has irrespective of his prarabdha. If your prarabdha does not give you stand with a jnani, go directly to the source and have satsang of the unmanifest Self. This satsang is much harder to achieve and maintain, but if you have no other alternatives you must try it.

Small babies live in towns without being affected by the atmosphere or the people there. If you live a pure life and make the right effort you can also reach the state in which the world cannot affect you.

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