Thursday, September 15, 2016

Q: Some people have no devotion towards Arunachala. They just live and work here. Does the power that is radiating from the mountain do them any good?

You can take as much water from the ocean as you are capable of carrying, but if you don't bother to go down to the shore with a pot you get nothing at all. Arunachala only gives its grace to those who have some kind of vessel to receive it in. If the mind thinks about Arunachala in a loving way, it automatically creates a space within itself which can receive a little of the mountain's grace. 

Many people do pradakshina of this Arunachala hill. They have many desires; they want to achieve many things. In due course they may get what they desire. But if you do girl pradakshina as a sadhana for obtaining knowledge of the Self, then you will get that.

Most people have many desires which they want to fulfil. But some rare people tell God: 'I want nothing. Make me desireless, that is my only desire.' Such a one will be a fit instrument to receive grace.

There is a verse in Kaivalya Navanitam:

If you go near a tree you will get its shade; if you go near a fire you will be relieved of coldness; if you go to the river and drink, your thirst will be quenched; if you go near God you will get His grace. If you do not go near and not receive His grace, is it the fault of God?

The one who gets the most grace is the one who is completely desireless. Such a person will have no desire even for moksha

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