Monday, September 19, 2016

Energy of the Self.

Q: Is the energy one receives from the Self constant or does it fluctuate? Does the body or the mind store it any way?

In deep sleep the mind and the body are renewed. On awakening there is a feeling of energy and bliss, but almost immediately the sense organs become active and desires arise. When this happens, the energy you have stored up during sleep gets dissipated. If you can control the mind and the senses so that neither of them succumbs to external stimuli, you can build up energy and power in the body.

Energy is increased in solitude. When you are alone it is less likely to go out through the indriyas [the five senses] and the mind. 

Arunagirinathar, the famous saint of Thiruvannamalai, once sang a song which says, 'The senses are thieves who steal the energy of the Self'

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