Monday, September 19, 2016

Looking at Bhagavan's picture vs Self Enquiry

Q: I know that Bhagavan is within all forms but sometimes I feel that it is easier to feel his grace by concentrating on an image of him. Self-enquiry is such hard work. One rarely feels blissful or peaceful doing it. Sometimes I feel like treating myself to a little bliss by looking at Bhagavan's picture for a while. 

There is nothing wrong with looking at Bhagavan's picture. It is a very good practice. But you should not get sidetracked from your main objective which is establishing yourself as consciousness. Don't get attached to states of bliss or give them priority over the quest for the Self. If you become attached to peaceful or blissful states you may lose interest in your main quest. It is good to feel blissful and peaceful but don't indulge yourself in these states at the expense of self-enquiry. If you realise the inner Self, if you realise that there is not an atom which apart from the Self, you will experience the real peace and bliss of the Self. You will be the peace and bliss rather than being the experiencer of it. If you enjoy temporary states of peace and bliss in the mind, the experience of that peace and bliss will not want to subside into the Self and disappear. 

Don't get attached to mental peace. Go beyond it to the real peace which comes from being the Self.

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