Wednesday, September 14, 2016

How to observe 'I am'

Q: When I keep the mind on this feeling 'I am', must I be relaxed and quiet? Should I see what is happening, without interfering, or should I be observing, scrutinising, comparing, etc.?

It is enough if you can simply relax in this 'I am'. Whatever happens in this 'I am', this consciousness, just be indifferent to it. You are the consciousness itself, not the thoughts and ideas that appear in it. Many things both good and bad are going on in this world. We don't bother about most of them because we think, 'These things are happening to somebody else and not to me'. In the same way, be the consciousness 'I m' and be indifferent to the various things that come and go in your mind. If you identify with thoughts, judge them, compare them, worry about them, try to suppress them, or get involved wit them in any way, they will cause you trouble. Instead, be utterly indifferent to them. If you don't pay them any attention, they can never adversely affect you.

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