Thursday, September 8, 2016

Disappearance of forms

Everything that appears will one day disappear. There is no permanence in the world of forms. But that unchangeable consciousness in which all forms appear can never be diminished, destroyed or altered in any way. If you learn to be that consciousness you come to understand that nothing can touch or destroy you. If, instead, you identify with some transient form you will always be worrying about the possible extinction of that form. 

Ignorance causes us to worry about the possible destruction of the body. If you make your well-being dependent on the well-being of the body, you will always be worrying and suffering. When you know, from direct experience, that you are the Self, you realise that  there is no birth and no death. You realise that you are deathless and immortal. Self-realisation is sometimes called the immortal state because it never ends and because it is never destroyed or even altered. If you keep your attention on the Self you can attain this immortality. If you attain it, in that ultimate state of being you will that there is no birth, no death, no desires, no fears, no worries, no mind and no world.

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