Saturday, September 10, 2016


Q: S.S. Cohen says in one of his books that when you have the experience of sphurana the Heart is ready to manifest itself. Is this sphurana before or after dharana?

The sphurana comes after dharna. Sphurana is the experience of the Heart when it begins to make itself known to the advanced devotee. It is a temporary experience of the Self which is experienced when the mind begins to be engulfed by the Heart.

Q: Does everyone who follows the path of self-enquiry eventually have the experience of sphurana?

If they are able to make the mind stay in the Heart they will have it.

Q: People who follow other paths sometimes experience samadhi states. Will they also have the experience of sphurana?

If one unceasingly follows the path of japa or yoga, the mind will eventually merge in the shoran. At the time of merging the experience will come. 

This sphurana is the light or the radiance of the 'I am'. When you are close to the merging with the real 'I' you feel its emanations. This real 'I' is the real name and form of God. The first and most accurate name of God is 'I'. The awareness 'I am' is the original and primordial mantra.

Note: The following extract is from Day by Day with Bhagavan, p. 4. 'I have always had a doubt what exactly the word sphurana means. So I asked Bhagavan and he said "... which shines or illuminates," ... I asked Bhagavan what it is that shines, whether it is the ego or the Self. He said that it was neither one nor the other but something in between the two, that is something which is a combination of the 'I' (Self) and the 'I' - thought (ego) and that the Self is without even this sphurana."

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