Sunday, September 18, 2016

Being a Bhakta ...

Q: I feel that the bhakti path is an effortless way. When I enquire 'Who am I?' I feel that I must make a great effort to make the mind subside. The bhakti path seems to be more sweet, more joyful and more effortless. 

It is always good to worship the Guru, but abiding in the Guru's teachings is far better. You can follow the bhakti path if you want to but you should remember that is is almost impossible for the devotee to judge whether he is making progress or not. You should not jump to the conclusion that you are not making progress with your self-enquiry simply because you find it hard to do. And you should not think that you will make more progress as a bhakta simply because you find it easy to generate joyful states of mind.

The same consciousness which is within you and within Bhagavan's form is within all other forms. We must learn to contact this consciousness by being aware of it at all times.

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