Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Wakeful sleep

Q: Swami, I have to go back to Europe soon and the prospect is beginning to worry me. I don't feel that I am capable of maintaining awareness of the Self in the middle of a city. Here it is relatively easy. Over there, it is very, very difficult. 

With a little practice you can go to sleep in the middle of a crowd even if the crowd is making a lot of noise. Once you are asleep their talking and gossiping will not affect you. If you are going to live in a noisy or distracting environment you must learn the art of sleeping while you are awake. You must learn now to stay conscious all the time and yet at the same time not be aware of any noises or potential disturbances that are going on around you. Bhagavan sometimes called the experience of the Self 'wakeful sleep'. If you can learn this technique nothing will ever disturb you again.

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