Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Real 'I' and false 'I'

Q: What is the relationship between the real 'I' and the false 'I'? What is the connection between them?

How can there be any connection or relationship between that which alone exists and something which never at any time had any existence outside your mind? The Self alone exists. It has no relationships with or connections to anything because there is nothing separate from it to have a relationship with. The false 'I' has no reality; it is just an erroneous belief. When you finally stop believing that you are a person inhabiting a body you become aware of what you really are.

If someone who is cross-eyed looks at the top of Arunachala he would see two peaks instead of one. If such a person were not aware that he had defective vision he might ask, 'What is the relationship between the two peaks? How can I build a bridge between them?' There is only one proper answer to give to a person like this.

'Your vision is defective. If you get your eyesight corrected you will see that there is only one peak. You will see that the second peak never existed outside your mind.'

Your spiritual vision is defective. It is making you see objects instead of the one Self. You can cure this defect by establishing yourself in the Self. The nishthã is not aware of multiplicity, he is only aware of the Self.

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