Friday, September 23, 2016

Ahetuka Bhakti

“Swami, can sadhakas attain this goal in life if they go about the world absorbed in singing songs in praise of God? Or should they stay at one place only for the purpose?” 

“It is good to keep the mind concentrated on one thing only wherever the person wanders. What is the use of keeping the body at one place only if the mind is allowed to wander?”
said Bhagavan. 

“Is ahetuka bhakti (devotion without a motive) possible?” asked that young man. 
“Yes, it is possible,” said Bhagavan. 

Some time back, when some others also asked the same question during conversation, Bhagavan had replied saying, 

“Why is it not possible?” The bhakti (devotion) of Prahlada and Narada was only ahetuka bhakti.

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