Monday, September 19, 2016

Q: Can't some use be made of this energy (of the Self)? What can one do with it?

Sakti is the Self and the Self is sakti. When you know that you are not the body or the mind, how can you do anything? In that state there will be no 'I' to instigate any activity. In that state everything will happen automatically.

Sakti is the santi of the Self. If you do tapas and if you don't dissipate your energy through sensory indulgence you will feel the power of the Self accumulating inside you. You can also feel it radiating outwards to the people around you. You don't lose your power when you radiate it naturally like this because the power of the Self is infinite. You only lose it if you move your attention away from the Self and get involved in pointless mental and sensory excesses. 

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