Thursday, September 22, 2016


Bhagavan: “Supposing you leave your wife and children. If you are here this will become another kind of samsara. Supposing you take to sannyasa. Another kind of samsara comes into existence in the shape of a karra (walking stick), kamandalu (water bowl) and the like. Why all that? Samsara means samsara of the mind. If you leave that samsara, it will be the same thing wherever you are. Nothing troubles you.”

Devotee: “Yes, that is it, Swami. How to give up that samsara of the mind?”

Bhagavan said, “That is just it; you said you were doing the japam of Rama Namam. During the train of thoughts, you said you were sometimes reminded of the fact that you had forgotten the japam of Rama Namam. Try to remind yourself of that fact as often as possible and catch hold of the name of Rama frequently. Other thoughts will then slowly decrease. For the japam of nam (repeating the name of the Lord) several stages have been prescribed.

It is better to repeat the name by the mere motion of the
lips than by repeating it aloud; better than that is to repeat
it in the mind, and the best is dhyanam.

Upadesa Saram, verse 6

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