Saturday, September 10, 2016

Self enquiry - most effective method.

When the breath is still the mind is also still. One can watch either the breath or the mind as a sadhana. If it is done properly both will begin to subside. But a more effective method is to be aware of the one who is watching the breath or the mind. If we know at all times what it is that is doing the witnessing, we can simply let it all be as it is. If we can be secure in this knowledge there is no need to direct the meditation in any way. Why? Because in that state we know that nothing which appears, changes or moves can affect us.

It is said that there are many paths to reach the ultimate, and that there are many risks associated with some of these paths. Bhagavan showed us the risk-free path of atma vichara [self-enquiry] through which we can easily know ourselves. If we learn to hold on to the real Self through the practice of self-enquire we can learn to live blissfully in this miserable world. 

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