Sunday, September 18, 2016

Pradakshina of Arunachlala

Q: How effective is pradakshina of Arunachala? Is it as good as meditating on the Self?

Arunachala radiates the grace of the Self. If you walk around it with reverence, keeping your mind quiet or thinking of the Self, you are having satsang of the Self. There is a great spiritual power emanating from Arunachala. You can feel it if you approach the mountain with humbleness, with reverence, and with a quiet mind. If one does pradakshina of Arunachala with the right attitude, both the mind and the body are purified. If you feel like doing pradakshina, then go. Meditate while you walk. And if, at other times, you feel like sitting in mediation, do that. Both are the same if they are done correctly and attentively. At all times, whatever the body may be doing, one should keep a steady awareness of the Self. The main point of both pradakshina and meditation is to give up the identification with the body, to lose the I-am-the-body idea.

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