Saturday, September 10, 2016

Helping the world

Q: Isn't it selfish to sit around being blissful when there is so much misery in the world? Shouldn't we help the man who is dying in the road? I mean, obviously, we should help him. You cannot just pretend that the world is not there. In a way it's very real.

It is not the duty of spiritual aspirants to look at the world and to change the situations in the world. The world is nothing but a big game of maya. If you get entangled in the activities of the world you will find yourself trapped in maya, unable to see ourself and the world as it really is. The world is always changing. Sometimes conditions for some people are favourable. At other times they are not good. There is so much chaos in the world because it is always in a state of flux. But the witness of this changing world -- that is, you yourself -- is always at peace, never disturbed. Go to that state of witnessing and be peaceful there. We can really do nothing about this world.

Q: Why is it so necessary to ignore people who so obviously need help of some kind?

If one becomes stabilised in the Self, humanity is automatically benefitted. A person who is stabilised in the Self will not be indifferent to the problems of the world. If problems arise, such a person will act spontaneously and provide the correct solution to each problem.

You are holding onto many beliefs: 'I am separate human being; the world is separate from me; other people are separate from ; I am an aspirant doing meditation to attain the Self; other people in the world are suffering'. All these concepts are wrong. There is no duality and no separateness. In fact there is no misery or suffering outside your own mind because the whole world is nothing but a projection of your own mind. Your own suffering and the suffering you see around you can be erased easily if you give up all the wrong ideas you have about yourself. 

All suffering begins with the notion of duality. As long as this duality-consciousness is strongly fixed in the mind one cannot give any real help to other people. If one realises one's non-dual nature and becomes peaceful within, one becomes a fit instrument to help others.

When one has stabilised in the Self, the inner peace which one experiences at all times flows out to all people. This natural radiation heals and uplifts humanity far more than any amount of physical activity.

The jnani is just like the sun. The sun radiates light and warmth continuously and indiscriminately. The jnani effortlessly radiates his own nature -- his love, his peace, his joy -- to the whole universe.

Even though the sun is always present, to receive its rays we have to turn towards it. Similarly, if we want spiritual light, we should turn towards a realised being. If one makes a conscious effort to stay in the light of a jnani , the darkness of spiritual ignorance automatically vanishes.

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