Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Q: Is it true that to realise the Self I should constantly hold on to the one who is searching? Should I always be aware of this person who is seeking the Self?

You need not hold on to the person who is searching. If you see that the one who is searching is the same as the one whose mind is wandering; if you see that both are false, you are already awakened. When you light a lamp, darkness ceases to exist. When you become aware of yourself as Self, the darkness of 'other than Self' disappears.

Q: It is so difficult to avoid getting entangled in the mind. Staying detached from thoughts is like trying to stop the tide from coming in. Waves of new thoughts wash away the detached observer every few seconds.

Self-enquiry must be done repeatedly and steadily. The wandering mind slowly loses its energy when it is subjected to constant scrutiny. The mind derives all its energy from the attention you give to thoughts and emotions. If you refuse to give them any attention and instead challenge each thought as soon as it appears, sooner or later your attention will stop going out to all your stray thoughts. When the attractiveness of transient thoughts diminishes to the point where you no longer feel obliged to hold on to them whenever they appear, you will be able to rest quietly in the experience of your real nature without being distracted. 

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