Sunday, September 25, 2016

Anoraneeyam Mahatomaheeyam

After hearing all that they were saying about science, Bhagavan said at last, 

“Certainly. But not one of these things is divorced from one’s own self, is it? Everything comes after one’s self. No one says he is not existent. Even an atheist would admit that he himself exists. So whatever comes must come from out of one’s self and must resolve into it ultimately. There is nothing separate from one’s self, in accordance with the principle in the sruti, ‘Anoraneeyam Mahatomaheeyam’, the self is smaller than the smallest and bigger than the biggest.” 

Ramamurthi asked, “Where does the difference come between the atom and the infinite?” 

“It comes from the body itself,” said Bhagavan. 

Ramamurthi asked, “How is it that we see so many forces in the world?” 

Bhagavan said: “The mind alone is the cause. It is the mind that makes you see so many different forces. When that is born, all else is also born. The five elements, and the forces beyond the elements, whatever they are, and the forces beyond others also take shape, once the mind is born. If the mind is dissolved, all the others also get dissolved. The mind is the cause of everything.”

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