Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Waking, Dreaming, Deep Sleep

Waking, dreaming and deep sleep are like a long dream happening in consciousness. If we see a dream, and are involved in that dream, all the events that we see will seem real for the duration of the dream. But when we awake, the dream disappears and we realise that nothing ever really happened except in our minds. When you awake to real consciousness, the whole process of waking, dreaming and sleeping disappears like last night's dream. You immediately understand that it was never real. Right now, because we are ignorant of the Self, we are dreaming this world and imagining that it is real. We are so engrossed in the dream, we believe that it is the only reality.

This waking life is just a long dream which keeps our attention away from what we really are. If you take the attitude that all the happenings in the world are dream events, your mind becomes tranquil. It is only when you take the dream world to be real that you get agitated.

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