Thursday, September 15, 2016

Thought of Arunachala.

So, when Bhagavan said, 'The thought of Arunachala gives mukti,' he did not mean a single stray thought, he meant that one should keep the mind constantly on Arunachala?

There is a verse in Aksharamanamalai: 'O Arunachala ! As I thought of you and so got caught in the web of your grace, you, like a spider, held me tight and consumed me.'

If you think of Arunachala just once, Arunachala responds by trying to draw you into itself. It does this by making you think about itself more and more. When the thoughts are strong and continuous, it makes you surrender completely. Like a spider, it then pull you into its web and ultimately destroys you. So, in the case of ripe devotees, it is possible to say that a single thought of Arunachala can lead, step by step, to liberation.

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