Thursday, September 8, 2016

We are so used to seeing differences. It is impossible to stop.

This habit of making distinctions, of seeing differences, can be given up only when we realise the Self. As long as we remain at the body-mind level it is not possible to give it up. So go to the source of this manifestation. There are no differences there.

Giving up the identity with the body and the mind is tapas, samadhi, dhyana and nishtha [abiding in and as the Self].

Spiritual seekers have a very strange habit: they are always looking for a way to reach, attain, discover, experience or realise the Self. They try so many things because they cannot comprehend the they are already the Self. This is like running around looking for one's eyes with one's own eyes!

Why should you imagine that it is some new experience to be discovered or found? You are the Self right now, and you are aware of it right now. Do you need a new experience to prove that you exist? The feeling 'I am existing' is the Self. You pretend that you are not experiencing it, or cover it up with all kinds of false ideas, and then you run around looking for it as if it were something external to be reached or found. 

The Guru may tell his disciples a thousand times, 'You are the Self: you are not what you imagine yourself to be,' but none of them ever believes him. They all keep asking the Guru for methods and routes to reach the place where they already are.

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